Sitar sounds collection – volume 1

Clips and excerpts of the East West Slide  using various guitars, EQ, FX, and featuring different styles like bhangra, trippy reggae etc.

Tiki blue nine – featuring East West Slide

A nine bar blues, in Tiki style demonstrating the beautiful singing tone of the traditional west side of the East West Slide.

For the sitar tones of the East West Slide checkout other East West Slide videos.

Camden casbah guitar

Turkish Surf exotica mixed with a bit of Ska Melody and sitar sounds created by the East West Slide. Check out artificial harmonics with sitar sound on the insert using the East West Slide.

East West Slide promo

Melodic idea featuring the East West Side, more laid-back with acoustic EQ sitar tones.

East West Slide – Dancer

East west slide featuring multi layered Sitar tones. All sitar sounds created using the East West Slide.

East West Slide – ‘Capo’ Hack

Out first EWS hack. Not actually a capo in the traditional sense, but helps to understand the concept. Simple but highly effective!